Going further to save you money

For years, your company might have been overpaying business rates across its property portfolio. But complex processes and paperwork can mask the problem. The GN Rates Audit service will uncover any overpayments and refund the money straight back to your business.

Whatever the size and type of your buildings, if you have a portfolio of ten or more properties, or rateable values exceeding £100,000, it’s wise to choose the GN Rates Audit service. It can also pay to use the service if your rateable values change frequently, property numbers rise or fall, or some buildings are vacant or underused. We’ll do everything we can to bring you significant savings.

How the service can help

The GN Rates Audit sits outside the conventional rates appeal process, helping return overpayments to your company. We will uncover mistakes and research to provide more accurate information that helps recover business charges.
Our team will collect information from you, such as property and payment records dating back as far back as your archives go. The more data we collect, the more thorough our audit. Next, we’ll perform the audit at our offices. Aside from asking you a few quick questions, we’ll leave you free to work without interruptions. If we find overpayments, we’ll secure refunds for your business.
Goodman Nash has provided a rates audit service since 1999. Since our launch, we have delivered repeatedly for many FTSE 100 and 250 companies. We have dealt with some of the UK’s largest portfolios, recovering millions in savings, and completing multiple audits for customers. We have achieved and still retain our market-leading position by investing millions into IT platforms. Rarely do our competitors invest in the same way.

Let’s talk

If your business has a portfolio of properties, it pays to discover whether a business rates refund is due. As the UK’s leading authority in business rates, we have the expertise and technologies necessary to recover substantial savings for your company, so please contact us today.
Refunding one-off business rates overpayments to your organisation.
Examining your property spending and securing refunds for your business.
Helping minimise your business rates if you’re upsizing or downsizing your premises.
Helping reduced your rates if you have empty business property.
Helping Appeal your business rates.