Discovering your overpayments

Managing business rates can be time-consuming and complex. Checking you’ve been paying the right amount can be even more difficult. How would you know if you’d been overpaying on your property?

While the concept behind business rates are straightforward, they are among the most complicated taxes to administer. Appealing against rateable values is also time consuming. What’s more, rateable values change frequently. This means historic charges for earlier years can also change, requiring reopening of billing.

How the service can help

Sitting outside the conventional rates appeal process, the GN One-Off Business Rates Recovery will help return overpayments to your organisation. You can relax knowing we’re working hard to secure your refund while you focus on your other responsibilities.
It couldn’t be easier to put our GN One-Off Business Rates Recovery service to work. All we usually need from you is your business rate account number or a letter of authority to obtain information from the billing authority or Valuation Office Agency. From there, we will perform undervaluation checks against the property. While uncommon, we will explain any risks of proceeding with the claim, where relevant.
Since our launch in 1994, we’ve successfully claimed thousands of one-off recoveries. Our claims have led to clients unexpectedly receiving large sums of money, with the highest refunds running into the millions. In fact, as you’re reading this brochure, the chances are we’ve already identified a potential saving for your company. So get in touch and make sure you seize this opportunity
Due to the historic nature of the recoveries, and having worked hard unearthing opportunities, naturally, Goodman Nash is keen to be rewarded. However, as an independent and impartial company, we work alongside many agents, advisors and practices with one common goal: to get the best results for our clients. Having a Rating Agent should not be a barrier to instructing us. So if you have contractual arrangements in place, these can be unlocked through honest discussions between all the parties. Many of the opportunities we discover pose no conflicts at all.
Our proprietary market-leading range of analytical technologies is unparalleled in our sector, capturing savings and opportunities for our clients. However, there’s more to our success than technology. Our 45 plus strong team comprises experts in business rates and property costs, making us the UK’s most experienced business rates audit provider.

Isn’t it time we talked?

Sometimes, opportunities arise that are too good to pass by. This could be one such opportunity. To find out more about how our GN One-off Business Rates Recovery service can save you time and money, please contact us today.
Uncovering and refunding business rates overpayments across your property portfolio.
Helping reduced your rates if you have empty business property.
Helping minimise your business rates if you’re upsizing or downsizing your premises.
Examining your property spending and securing refunds for your business.
Helping Appeal your business rates.