Making financial gains with Shapers Fitness

One of the secrets to Goodman Nash’s success is our commitment to forging lasting and fruitful relationships with our valued clients. This is how we were able to help Shapers recover significant overpayments – not once, but twice!

As part of an industry hard-hit by public restrictions in recent years, Shapers – who run a fantastic collection of ladies-only gyms – are exactly the kind of business we support each and every day. It was their Croydon branch that first caught our eye in early 2020. A wealth of knowledge and in-house resources allowed our team to identify a potential billing error worth thousands in overpaid business rates. In good time, we were able to produce a rates rebate dating back to 2012.

Goodman Nash not only specialises in various areas of rating; we also take care to undertake frequent reviews of the information we have to hand. Knowing from the very beginning that Shapers is a flourishing business with a numerous branches, we approached them with a view to offering assistance across their portfolio, where and when opportunities arose. 

As the owners of a small chain of gyms, it is hugely important to keep overheads manageable, so that we can focus on our members without having to worry about finances constantly. Andrew and the team at Goodman Nash were instrumental in this. Not only did they help lower the business rates in some of our gyms, but they secured a substantial rebate worth thousands of pounds on more than one occasion. This was of huge help to us. They are a provider you can trust in a field where this will not always be the case. I thoroughly recommend Goodman Nash; they are informative, professional and always fair.

It was not long, therefore, before Shapers Gravesend was the next gym to benefit from our work. In this instance, a discrepancy on the valuation was creating an unwanted overcharge on their yearly bill. Once we became aware of this, our sales representatives were keen to reach out to a former client and put an end to unnecessary overpayments. With our support team’s guidance, Shapers provided the information required by our experienced auditors to correct the gym’s valuation and produce a further rebate dating back to 2017 – with future bills reduced as well. 

Keeping track of valuation and billing issues can become time-consuming when you are managing multiple premises; this is where Goodman Nash steps in, looking to the future as well as today.

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