Halving rates for Newcastle financial planners

As industry experts, Goodman Nash make it our business to identify inconsistencies which could severely impact our client’s yearly rates bills. We identify errors where others don’t, creating an unexpected windfall for businesses in every industry.

In early 2022 one of our well-informed sales representatives reached out to Laurus Associates, and talked them through an opportunity for us to reduce their business rates liability by more than half. As if that weren’t exciting enough, we were also certain that we could recover overpayments dating back years. 

As financial planners based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, they occupy one of many modern offices in the Jesmond Three Sixty complex. It was here that our auditors – equipped with a thorough understanding of rating and billing matters – identified a valuation discrepancy which had left our client paying more than double what they should have been.

We used Cathrine Johnson at Goodman Nash to challenge our business rates for the office. Absolutely first class service from both Cathrine and Megan who handled and guided us each step of the way. Would highly recommend these guys.

Although it had been overlooked in the past, our team assessed the extent of the valuation issue and its overall cost to Laurus Associates. Using skills developed over a number of years, our auditors established how the office ought to have been valued, and worked directly with the Valuation Office to ensure the matter was rectified. In doing so, we delivered a rebate in the tens of thousands, dating back to the first year of their lease, and reduced our client’s costs going forward.

At Goodman Nash we deal with similar cases every day, and pride ourselves on leaving no stone unturned. With a modern array of in-house resources under constant review, we are top of your list for uncovering what others overlook, putting your money back where it belongs.

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