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Worldwide disruption in recent years has had a noticeable impact on the cost of running a business, and has produced a veritable storm of changing regulations, government advice, and offers of financial assistance. As a result, business owners across the country have been inundated with potential billing errors in need of correction – many of which are time sensitive. 

When the chance is gone, it’s gone!

In late 2022, we were able to help one such business: Furniture Instore, a provider of stylish and quality furniture based in a busy showroom in Coventry. Like many retailers, they were a prime candidate for a business rates reprieve. However, due to the nature of the premises, the possibility of lowering their bills was initially overlooked – and with the financial year coming to an end, it was likely they would lose their chance altogether.

Luckily, Goodman Nash is always on the look-out for missed opportunities to bring money back into your business. We spotted the billing error just in time.

Delivered as promised, no hassle. substantial refund and saving made, thanks to everyone at Goodman Nash.

Across the country there were many retail businesses in a similar situation until Goodman Nash stepped in. Once we were satisfied that Furniture Instore was due a significant saving, our sales representatives communicated swiftly and efficiently with the owners, stressing the urgency involved. With the help of our auditors’ in-depth knowledge of rating, and the hard work of our support team – who liaise daily with councils and clients across the UK – we were able to deliver a rebate of over £9,000 before the Government deadline made a recovery impossible.

No one wants to miss out on a recovery of overpaid sums. Nevertheless, the ever-changing world of business rates can be dizzying; even more so when time restrictions are put in place. This is why Goodman Nash is dedicated to providing a helping hand, saving you money before the opportunity slips away.

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