Repairing old rates for former auto-repair garage

Leaving a business behind doesn’t have to mean losing out on the benefits of overpaid business rates owed back to you. In early 2022, we proved just that when we approached Phil Redfearn, formerly of Forrest Motors, Lincoln – an auto-repair garage which he oversaw for many years before finally saying goodbye in early 2021.

This, however, was not the end. 

While a call from one of our friendly sales representatives may seem too good to be true, Goodman Nash was confident that we had identified a historic billing error worth thousands to our client. Business owners are faced with a vast assortment of potential errors with their rates bill or valuation, any of which can be incredibly costly in the long run. Our team of auditors regularly reviews the extensive data we hold in-house, making it clear to us where an opportunity to save money has been missed. Forrest Motors was no exception.

Great service, Goodman Nash did exactly what they said they would do. We received a very healthy refund thanks to Goodman Nash. They were very efficient and I would highly recommend them.

Once Mr Redfearn placed his trust in us, we made quick work of assessing the full extent of the savings available to his business. Furthermore, we dealt directly with the council to secure a refund of several thousand pounds dating back to 2017, despite the account’s closure a year earlier.

The quality and efficiency of our work is what makes Goodman Nash so reliable when it comes to helping businesses, large and small, discover previously untapped opportunities to recover significant overpayments and put money back in their pockets.

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